Our Team



Amy designs and creates the visually appealing art and flow of the store.  Without her everything would look dull.



Jeffry has been part of Kai's Books and More family from its inception and is responsible for making sure our clients receive top-notch service as well as personalized care.



Gretchen provides a consistent source of critique and entertainment when listings and order processing becomes slow.  An integral part of the team!


Our Story

A Bit About Us

Kai's Books and More was established in 2017 to fill a void: to bring a high quality and photogenic bookstore to the internet.  From the humble beginnings of running a makeshift online store out of a dorm room to a present day library chock full of books, it is our passion for excellence that drives us.  In fact, it’s what makes us tick.

Many times, it’s the most ordinary products that make the biggest impact on our daily lives. At Kai's Books and More, we believe that by offering the best of the best and being completely forthcoming, we can revolutionize the book buying experience.

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